Products and Brands

For many years I have worked with many types of vehicles, installing and tuning aftermarket engine management systems to control the engine and maximize its power potential. I have concentrated mainly with the Haltech brand and have been working directly with the company now for almost 20 years. It is now time to expand to other brands and markets as well as offer many other products that compliment an installation. Here are some of the brands we are currently offering and you will be able to find in our Online Store section.

Haltech Engine Management

Haltech is one of the worlds leading aftermarket engine management systems manufacturers. Based out of Australia, its the oldest company in the business and has evolved over the years to offer top quality products, really good feature packages and a great price.

Link Engine Management

Link offers a wide variety of systems to suit all levels of performance. From their beginnings in Rally, to all kinds of racing disciplines, Link has a system to suit. Plug n Play ECU's universal entry level systems, to advanced fully loaded ECU's like the Thunder, like has everything covered.

Adaptronic Engine Management

Adaptronic is brand that has been steadily working towards being as flexible and versatile as possible. With an excellent compliment of features vs price, they strive to make their systems work with as much factory devices as possible.

Emtron Engine Management

Emtron is a range of high end engine management systems designed for a market that requires uncompromising flexibility. With a wide selection of very powerful and flexible systems, from universal wire in units to plug-in kits, Emtron is a top quality high end system for those who need more functionality, more control, and tons of flexibility.