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Feb 19 - Mar 5 2018 - We will be closed from Monday Feb 19 through Monday March 5th. We will be available via the email sales@tuningtechnology.net. Our apologies for any inconveniences this might cause.

Feb 15-16 2018 - Special Valentine's Offer! Link's Nissan 300zx Plug in ECU will be on Sale! Two days ONLY! Click HERE for more info!

Jan 31 2018 - Tuning Technology will be closed on Thursday Feb 1st. If you need any assistance please send an email tu sales@tuningtechnology.net. Our apologies for any inconveniences. We'll be back on Friday the 2nd.

Jan 29 2018 - We've started our "Tech Basics" Articles. Click HERE to find out more!

Jan 25 2018 - We are now setup with Adaptronic, Link and Emtron. Click HERE to find out more!

Products & Services

Tuning Technology was started to accomplish one goal. Provide our customers with the absolute best service possible and to assist them with all their engine management needs. We strive to provide top quality support for the products we sell and will work with our customers to aid them in achieving their project's maximum potential.

Our services include Remote Tuning, Support and Training, Custom Wiring, Installations, Engine Management Systems and EFI Parts Retail and Wholesale, ECU Testing and Fault Diagnosing, and a whole lot more. Check the site regularly for updates and information.

Remote Sessions & Tuning

One of the most important offerings for our customers is support for what we do. If you need assistance with your engine management system to help get your engine going  we offer remote tuning session so that you can get your engine started and cover all the basics so it can then be taken to a dyno and tuned.

We will help you check all the basic and most important configurations of the system, check base timing and make sure the engine starts up, runs, and revs cleanly so it can be driven and tuned. Please send an email to sales@tuningtechnology.net to schedule an appointment.

Online Store

Our Online Store will be constantly evolving so we can offer everything our customers need for the EFI related projects. We try to cater to as many options as possible and will be striving to support everything on our store. Please bare with us as we're continuously revising and uploading items to the store. If you can't find the particular article you looking for please call or email us and we'll be happy to assist you.

Hablamos Español

Para nuestros clientes de Latino America también podemos ofrecerles cualquier tipo de asistencia y productos que puedan necesitar. Estaremos trabajando en la creación de contenido en español tanto de nuestros videos técnicos como de la documentación.

Si usted tiene cualquier pregunta sobre algun producto o servicio basta con enviarnos un correo electrónico o llamarnos directamente para poderle asistir.