About Me

I started working on cars when i was 16. My father gave me my first vehicle, a 1978 Honda Civic. The funny thing was that interestingly enough this little thing was fitted with a bigger than stock engine. So i drove it around, it had its issues, i knew hardly anything about cars other than changing a tire. So i ask a buddy of mine if he knew a mechanic for those types of cars that would help me sort this thing out mechanically and that was it. I spent the next decade tinkering at that mechanic’s shop, learning a few things, making that little civic decently fast (for the times), and then came the chance to sell it and get something else. The next vehicle i got was my mom’s 92 Toyota Tercel with a 12 valve 1.3 4 cylinder. This thing was a turd. As far as performance was concerned this thing had none. So we did a few things to it, tweaked carb, a cam, a header, but it was still a turd.

After switching mechanics and going to one that knew Toyotas better we decided that the only thing we could do was put a different engine in it, so, being a Toyota guy he suggested the 1.5 5E Paseo engine, so i said Ok! Then came the question of “what are we going to do for fueling, its a fuel injected engine and we really dont wanna do anything with the none existing engine harnesses and ECU?” And he says, “well i have a pair of Mikuni 40mm side draft carburetors we can put on it…” You know where this is going. So, after messing with that for a while and kicking a few “none vtec” Hondas back in the day, came time to jump to a more interesting ride.

Here’s where my life just took a turn towards the path i have now been on ever since then. In 1998 the opportunity presented it self to buy a 1987 Mazda RX-7 TurboII. I mean this was it! The coolest car i could possibly image was now mine. This thing showed me so much, it frustrated me, excited me, took me racing against heavy contenders, was the first car i ever drove really really fast, and along with some serious help from some really knowledgeable people, i have been learning about tuning ECU’s and working on fast cars ever since.

Fast forward to 2005 and i solidify a relationship with Haltech Engine Management System’s owner and US Reps, and from 2007 until 2011, and then again in 2014 through 2017 i worked directly both on site and remotely with their US and Australian offices. Her is where i really honed most of my skills with engine management systems tuning and what i have been mostly focusing on. I have had the chance to work with some great individuals in the US, Mexico, South America, the Caribbean, etc., and currently i do my best to be able to help customers remote tune their engines.

After leaving Haltech in 2017 i started on the path to finally establish my own company, Tuning Technology, LLC, and setup shop in Miami FL. My main focus is ECU’s, i have taken on learning new brands like Adaptronic, Emtron and Link, as well as learning from EFI University on ECU tuning and motorsports wiring principals.

Tuning Technology’s absolute main focus is providing the absolute most comprehensive and detailed tech support for our customer in their installations and projects.